Discovery Of First Ever Tool Uncovered By Archaeologists

Tool Uncovered By Archaeologists

Sophisticated and modern tools have been found by a team of archaeologists from 250,000 years ago. This dates back to the Stone Age where people make use of prehistoric tools in order to get by living from day today. An archaeological science team recently discovered modern tools nearby Azraq, Jordan. The research team was able to find protein residues from animals that were butchered. These protein residues were found to be one of the oldest consisting of wild cattle, wild rhinoceros, horses, and ducks. The stone tools were able to help prepare the animals even before homo sapiens appeared.

Learning more each day about prehistoric living

There have been at most 10,000 stone tools which have been excavated from the site. For the span of three years, the team had meticulously searched over the area making sure that they have covered everything. The location was once considered as a wetland, however, there are signs that life was on it two hundred years ago.  Out of the 10,000 tools, 7,000 of the have been carefully examined by the team. The tools included were hand axes, flakes, scrapers, projectile points and so on. Out of the 44 tools selected for testing, 17 of them contained protein residue from animals.

It was known before the news, that prehistoric people have had carnivorous tendencies which are why they make use of these tools for an animal kill. It has just been a theory before, but now it has been equally proven that the theory is correct. Prehistoric people had been very adaptable to their surroundings and were able to take down a number of preys from small creatures like ducks to bigger ones like the rhinoceros. The environment was challenging and at the same time was the reason for why many of these tools have been created. Seeing the kind of tools and the kind of animals that the prehistoric people have hunted, it gives the modern generation a look into their lives from before.